People like us

People Like Us depicts the work of WA ICPA over the past 43 years.

It provides a glimpse into the obstacles and misperceptions the early members had to overcome in an era when people living in ‘the bush’ were out of sight, out of mind as far as the authorities were concerned, and traces the issues, fundraisers, and humorous reminiscences from past and current members.

The book is full colour throughout, and includes lots of photos and newspaper clippings. For those interested in who did what, there are records of state executives, branch formation and founding members, and award recipients listed at the back.

The book retails for $40. Postage & handling $12.00.

For information and sales, contact:
Kathy Boladeras

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Travel Mugs:
Sturdy aluminium with a handle, these are available with the ICPA WA logo for $10.

Cool Drink Holders:
Brightly coloured with the ICPA WA logo, $5 each.

To purchase merchandise contact