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What's New

Media Release October 2019 - Welcome Announcement on BAHA

ICPA WA welcome the news by the WA Nationals announcing the Boarding Away from Home Allowance (BAHA) funding boost at their State Conference recently.

Change to boarding fees for non-government school students

Earlier this year ICPA WA were invited to consult on a review into the arrangements with non-government schools at Residential Colleges. Today the Minister release a media statement. ICPA WA welcomes this positive decision.

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There are many ways you can support the objectives of ICPA WA. You can become a member, a Friend of ICPA or engage in one of the many fundraising activities that are available. Read on. If you would like to donate to a fighting fund to help reverse the West Australian Government Education Cuts that include the closure of the 5 Schools of the Air, please click on the link below

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ICPA Federal Conference

August 5, 2020 - Aug 6 2020
Federal Conference - Hobart